Bayport-Blue Point

Community Tennis Association


Our Mission

    The Bayport-Blue Point Community Tennis Association ("the CTA") is a not-for-profit USTA-sponsored organization serving the Bayport-Blue Point community and the surrounding area.  The CTA was founded by community residents in 2008, to provide juniors and adults with the opportunity to take high quality, affordable tennis lessons close to home, and to participate in local tournaments.  As a secondary goal, the CTA hopes to raise money for tennis-related capital improvements and programs in our public schools. 

    Tennis is a tradition-filled sport that develops a unique combination of mental and physical strength in its players.  Plus, tennis is FUN!  It is our hope that adults will enjoy the events we sponsor and that our junior programs will promote a lifelong love of tennis and the physical, psychological and social benefits that accompany participation in this great sport.

    Whether you are a first time player or a lifelong player, the CTA is planning activities for your enjoyment and development as a tennis player.  Please view our website for event information, membership, photos and more.
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